SPG-14 Light Stand V-Loc (V-Lock) adapter
SPG-14 Power Adapter on light standSPG-14 Power Adapter on light stand powering Kino lampSPG-14-700x700High-Performance heavy duty contacts for maximum power draw.

Light Stand Dual V-Loc (V-Mount) 14V Power Spigot Adapter – SPG-14

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Lighten your load with Hawk-Woods super easy to use SPG-14 Dual V-Loc (V-Mount) Power Spigot Adapter made for all 16mm – 5/8″ light and C-stands. No clamps required to mount unit.

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The SPG-14 spigot light stand power adapter is the latest addition to the extensive Hawk-Woods range of adapters which make powering LED panel lamps a simple task. The Spigot-14 attaches to all 16mm (5/8″) C-Stands, seating between the light fixture and the stand allowing for power to be easily supplied at an arms reach. No clamps required to mount unit.SPG-14-Mounted-200x200

The Spigot-14 is manufactured in V-Lok (V-Mount) & Gold Mount fittings supplying power direct from two batteries via a 3pin XLR output.

The SPG-14 V-Lok (V-Mount), Anton Bauer AB (SPG-14A) mounts come with Hawk-Woods High-Performance heavy duty contacts that are used for high-current applications up to 12A to be drawn.

•    Attaches to all 16mm (5/8″)  Light stands and C-stands
•    V-Lok / V-Mount) SPG-14 or AB SPG-14A High Performance heavy duty contacts allows up to 12A draw
•    XLR 3pin output
•    2x V-Loc (V-Mount) or AB fittings for mounting two V-Loc (V-Mount) batteries

Coming soon also will be 28.8v versions of the 16mm – 5/8″ spigot adapter, and also a 28mm Spigot 48v version that is currently in design.


Mount Type

V-Loc / V-Lock, AB – Anton Bauer


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