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The RedEye is a powerful wide angle adapter, the size of a screw on filter. It is so small, it fits under most lens hoods and matte boxes. Just screw it on your lens. It's small size and weight (less than 100g) won't make your camera front heavy like other wide angle adapters.

Suede carry pouch included with each lens


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Impossibly small and lite Wide Angle Adapter

The RedEye Wide Angle Adapter is a powerful wide angle adapter, the size of a screw on filter. It is so small, it fits under most lens hoods and matte boxes. Just screw it on your lens. It’s small size and weight (less than 100g) won’t make your camera front heavy like other wide angle adapters.

How does it work?

Other wide angle adapters are bulky and expensive because they need to use several lenses in order to not change the focal point. The genius of The RedEye Wide Angle Adapter is to use only one lens which creates a focal point, as a virtual image, just in front of the lens. You can then focus up-close on that virtual image with the macro adjustment, auto focus, or manual focus of the camera.

To Zoom or not to Zoom

The RedEye Wide Angle Adapter was originally designed for use on broadcast television cameras as a non-zoom through wide angle adapter. Generally speaking you can’t zoom while using it. It’s proven to be a worthy trade-off since the majority of wide angle shots don’t require a zoom. A great exception is that the auto focus on many HDV prosumer cameras will keep the virtual image in focus and allow you to zoom through roughly half the zoom range.

Loved by Steadicam & Movi operators, ENG, Owner/Operators…

It’s compact size and light weight combined with the movement smoothing effect of the wide angle make the RedEye Wide Angle Adapter ideal for use on Steadicam’s and Movi units. It will come in handy for almost all camera operators, but it really shines for those that find themselves in especially tight spots, with little time or budget, like ENG teams, and owner/operators. It’s great for shooting indoors, shots where a dramatic angle is needed to increase perspective and to accentuate the effects of fast motion.

Quick and ConvenientRedEye-w_Pouch-1

Quickly fasten the lens when you need it. Each lens comes with its own padded leather carrying case with a belt loop. You don’t have to go back to your kit, you don’t even have to put the camera down.

Suede carry pouch is included with each lens

zeiss-logo-1121Top Quality Optics

The bulk and weight have been substantially reduced by using a durable and compact, high index, high clarity optical material. All RedEye Wide Angle Adapters use aspheric lenses from Zeiss and feature a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to increase light transmission to near 100% for optimum image clarity, contrast and sharpness. In addition, hard coatings offer an extra degree of scratch resistance. The lens housing is anodized aluminum and uses standard 58mm, 62mm, 72mm, 77mm or 82mm thread mount.

The VIEWING ANGLE is increased WIDER by: 60% with the .4x adapter – 50% with the .5x adapter – and 30% with the 6.5x & .7x adapter on most cameras. Note: The 6.5x & .7x adapter is our best seller.


RedEye Wide Angle Adapters will work with almost all XAVC, AVCHD, DV & HDV cameras, as long as the camera can focus at very close range. If you can’t get the image in focus using the focus ring. than you may need to use the auto-focus. In short, if your camera is equipped with a macro feature, then the Red Eye should work with your XAVC,AVCHD, DV & HDV camera.


RedEye Wide Angle Adapters are designed by Collinscraft Canada.

1 year manufacturers warranty against defects.


  1. Steve Gibby

    It makes perfect sense for moving Steadicam-type shots, expansive static shots in tight spaces and panoramic scenic shots. It’s easy to use, affordable, well built and performs quite well.

    Steve Gibby
    Emmy-winning producer/director/DP
    Reviewing for Studio Daily

  2. Dave Perillo

    When Compared to other options for my XL1 the red eye represents incredible value for money.
    I am more than happy with its performance as a wide angle filter, lite, compact and beautifully made – I use it every chance I get.

    Dave Perillo

  3. Doug Munro

    I finally got a chance to test out your wide angle adaptor on the HDW-750 w/ 10x Fujinon lens. The sharpness of the lens does not appear to be in any way a problem. At least on the 20″ monitor. I suspect even if you were to show image shot with this lens on a longer digital projection scan that there would not be any negative sharpness/ resolution issues. I love the wide angle capability of the lens. As with all Red Eye products, it is a very cost effective wide angle solution. What struck me especially is that when I pointed the lens at the lights in my shop and as I moved the camera from side to side, I saw very little lens aberration (or light flaring) in to the lights. The image was very clean!

    Doug Munro

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