About Us

Stepping out of the mainstream to help you work smarter…

Through his 30 years in the video and film industry, Canadian Director of Photography David O’Keefe has witnessed common production problems/ equipment limitations that remain unresolved. It has been a 30 year preoccupation of David O’Keefe’s to discover groundbreaking devices that enable you to work more efficiently, effectively, differently and most definitely smarter. In response, David started VFGadgets.com (est. Nov/2001) a Toronto based sales company focusing entirely on innovative equipment solutions to common production problems or limitations.

VFGadgets listens.

Want us to change something or for us to carry another product? Let us know; your request may not be possible at the time but we value your comments and feedback. We have had a lot of good advice from our customers, great ideas from equipment rental companies, and we respect (and collaborate where we can) on these creative ideas to bring them to the forefront as real production equipment solutions. VFGadgets currently partners with like-minded innovative industry manufacturers from Canada, US and around the world to both develop and promote equipment solutions that will empower you to work smarter on location and in the studio. If you want to know more about partnering with us, contact sales@vfgadgets.com