Free Lens Focus Chart

Great for checking focus in low-light conditions and for back focus alignment

Print out, or display the pdf. on your laptop, phone, tablet.

Download the Lens Focus Chart pdf


Focusing chart suggestions:
Place the camera far enough away from the focus chart or laptop that you can zoom in all the way and see chart detail. Set the iris all the way open. Use ND filters when available. Get the chart sharply in focus. Slowly zoom out, if you lose focus, you will have to adjust the back focus. In most cases, the back focus ring will be located just behind the lens and you will have to loosen a screw to change it. Make a small adjustment, and try your focus test again; zoom in all the way, focus and zoom out slowly. If the chart stays in focus, your back focus is correctly set for the lens. If you still lose focus, make another small change to the back focus ring and try again. Repeat until the focus holds.