15mm Pivot Clamp with Friction-Lock


The Upgrade Innovations 15mm rod Pivot Clamp with Friction-Lock is great for adding an extra rod to your camera set up to add almost anything you can think of in almost any position and yet are quick and easy to adjust. This clamp uses a Kipp Wing handle for variable hand tightening.

The 15mm rod Pivot Clamp with Friction-Lock locking system from Upgrade Innovations has a fully adjustable 360 degree position lock down that has great holding power. Good for fine adjustments.

Friction-Lock Pivot Clamps

  • Industry strong friction disks
  • Best used for fine adjustments
  • 360 degree position lock down

The RudyArm Articulating Arm System has been Rental House Tested and Approved.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.


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