15mm Rod 3″ Post with Arri 2Pin Mount – 11865


Add a 3″ – 15mm rod to the front of your Arri Alexa /Amira handle knowing that once it is mounted, it will not come loose.

The Upgrade Innovations 15mm – 3″ Rod Post Accessory for the Arri Alexa / Amira handle.

Alexa Handle 2 pin lock

This 15mm – 3″ rod post using a 2-pin along with 3/8″ thread, solidly mounts to the front or back of the Arri handle, giving you a spare 15mm rod to mount one of your many accessories you use in production. To screw the 3/8″ thread into the handle, a 5/32″ – 4mm Hex is required, and that’s it. Made from aircraft aluminum, this 15mm rod post will take any abuse you can think of.


On the 15mm – 3″ rod post are 2x safety o-rings (removable if required) to keep your added accessory from falling when the unit is loose when adjusting. Your 15mm accessory will slide on easily with the o-rings in place.


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