Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ Hex Block Adapter – BC08

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Add less that does more to your kit. Mount anything anywhere with the Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ female Adapter


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Mount Anything Anywhere
The Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ female hex block adapter is a must-have for all types of studio and location shooting. It solves the problem of not having space for a light stand in small rooms. Now you can mount to door frames, window sills, shelves, bookcases, tables, chairs, or trees outdoors. Anything you can fasten a bar clamp to. It’s quick and easy with no light stands to trip over or get in the shot. Not limited to lights, you can fasten anything that that screws into any of the x7 1/4-20″ female threads. The 8th 1/4-20″ thread is used to tie-down unit to any bar clamp. Use it to mount a microphone, transmitter, receiver or add a ball level for mounting a camera. The possibilities are endless.

Shrink your Kit
Take a light stand out of your lightweight location kit and replace it with the BC08 Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ hex block adapter and any bar clamp from a hardware store. You won’t regret it. Lightweight and High Quality. Made of 6061 aluminum, the Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ adapter is strong and light. 4.8 oz – 136.7 grams

You can use the Bar Clamp 1/4-20″ Hex Block Adapter with most Quick-Grip bar clamps, like Wolfcraft, Irwin or Jorgensen. Any bar clamp width of 3/4″ – 20mm or less will work.

1x Hex shaped aluminum 6061 block with 7x 1/4-20″ female threads and 1x 1/4-20″ tie-down female thread. and 1x 1″ long male 1/4-20″ threaded Tie-Down knob.

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