26V 200w Reel Power Li-ion Battery Pack – RP-200H

Hawk-Woods industry leading 26V Reel-Power battery has been updated with High Performance cell technology allowing applications up to 200w to be powered with ease. 26V On-Board – New Cell Technology – Long Cycle Life


Hawk-Woods Reel Power H-Series of High Performance Battery is now available and better than ever!

This range of 26 volt batteries has been designed for running high voltage cameras like the Phantom and the Alexa. All feature a male V-Mount type fitting which is compatible with the reel power range of adapters/fittings and chargers.  

New low resistance cell technology has been introduced to the Reel Power H-Series battery, allowing high discharge and improved cycle life. Taking this into account a 2 year warranty is available with the H-series range.

With built-in fuel gauge and Hawk-Woods build quality, the Total Battery Protection system offers over discharge / voltage protection (If placed on unsuitable / incorrect charger), short circuit protection and thermal protection.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this battery product now ships under the “dangerous goods category”, shipping costs will vary according to port of landing. VFGadgets will contact you with the extra shipping charge when order is placed. Sorry for the inconvenience but all the couriers are quoting ship costs on a per order bases.


Travel Documentation:  If you are traveling with Lithium-Ion batteries on an aircraft you may be required to supply the appropriate documentation for your Batteries.

For charging please refer to RP-4X4 


  • 26v Battery Pack
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • High Discharge Rate
  • Extend your warranty by a year!


Weight:   1.4kg

Cells:   Lithium-Ion

Protection:   Discharge / Voltage / Shock / Thermal


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