V-Mount Power adaptor for ALEXA mini with 15mm rod mount VL-CFM1A


V-Mount power solution for the Alexa mini that includes 4x D-Tap, 2x LEMO, 2x Fischer 24v Reg power outputs. Comes with standard 15mm rod mount.

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Hawk-Woods VL-CFM1A is part of the ALEXA mini range of adapters that gives the user everything from the use of V-Mount batteries with the ALEXA mini to various outputs ranging from 4x D-Tap, 2x 2P LEMO and 2x 3P RS chassis mount outputs for accessories. The 3 pin RS output is regulated at 24v. Mounting the adaptor to camera is by 15mm rod holder at the base of the unit.

This adapter does not come with a power cable attached. You will need to purchase the PC-16 cable which is available in 3 different lengths to cover all your requirements.


  • 4x D-Tap outputs
  • 2x LEMO outputs
  • 15mm Rod Mounting
  • 2x Fischer 24v REG outputs
  • V-Mount compatible


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