26V Power Adapter RP Standalone – RP-L24


The RP-L24 Dual Reel Power standalone adapter, allows the use of two 26V batteries in parallel in order to double your equipment’s run-time.


Dual Reel Power standalone adaptor, this unit will allow the use of two batteries in parallel in order to double your run-time, it has been fitted with two mounting threads for attaching to a Manfrotto clamp or on to lighting C-stands.

The included threads are:
1/4″ thread
3/8″ thread

The XLR3 output is nominal battery voltage which can be 29.4v max from either one or two batteries. The RP-L24 is perfect for powering kit such as lighting or ARRI camera’s

Supplied as a sleek dual adaptor with anodized metal work and carry handle!

PLEASE NOTE:  This unit is not compatible with standard 14v V-Lok ( V-Mount ) batteries


1/4 inch thread & 3/8 inch thread
Dual Reel 26V Power
Carry Handle


Size (HxWxD-Cm):  9.5 x 20 x 8 cm
Weight:  0.565kg
Output Types:  Output XLR3 F
Compatible with:  20-30v LED Lighting


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