8-Channel 6A mini V-Lok (V-Mount) Wall Mount Charger – VLM-8W


The VLM-8W 8-Channel mini V-Loc (V-Mount) charger from Hawk-Woods has been specifically designed as a wall-mounted charger that is perfect for rental houses, production crews, or camera trucks with limited space.

Please allow 14 business days for this product to be assembled and shipped.

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The VLM-8W charger has been specifically designed as a wall mounted charger perfect for rental houses, production crews or OB vehicles. Ideal for charging a batch of batteries without having to cycle through the charging cycle as the user, simply attach up to 8 batteries and return when complete.

The charger has been internally setup, so that four channels charge simultaneously then sequentially switch to the remaining four batteries to be charged.

The charger should only be used once securely attached to a wall surface, please do not use in any other orientation as this will effect the heat dissipation leading to overheating.

This does use mercury switches, so please install upright and leave a minute before plugging in the AC input, otherwise the charger will not turn on.

Model:  VLM-8W
Type:  V-Lok (V-Mount)
Size: 26 x 33 x 8 cm   –  10.24 x 13 x 3.14 inches
Current:  2.5A


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