MacBook Dual V-Lock Battery Adapter VL-MAC/3

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The Hawk-Woods range of Apple MacBook battery adapter’s allows broadcast production personnel to run their MacBook laptops from the batteries already being used out in the field.
The VL-MAC/3 is ideal for use in remote locations, or if you going to be away from a mains supply for a prolonged period of time – often the case in this industry. The large capacity of most broadcast camera batteries provides a huge amount of portable power. With this new series of adapters, this power is now accessible for your MacBook.
Will charge the internal battery if required, then once completed will solely run the laptop from the external batteries. The adapter will work with all 14v V-mount type batteries.
The VL-MAC/3 unit is fitted with a USB-C connector in order to power the latest versions of the MacBook range. Hawk-Woods MacBook unit also offers a USB3 for phone charging and a nominal voltage XLR 4 (F) along with 2x power-con outputs.

For MagSafe outputs, please refer to our VL-MAC/2


  • 1x  USB-C – suited for MacBook touch bar
  • 1x  Nominal XLR 4 (F) chassis
  • 1x  USB32x  Nominal Power-Cons
  • 1x  Carry Handle


  • Size (HxWxD-Cm):  15 x 9.5 x 8 cm
  • Weight:  0.599kg
  • Output Types:  Output USB-C, USB3, XLR4F and 2x Power-con
  • Compatible with:  Apple MacBook laptops

Also available are:
VL-MAC/2 – Original suited for MagSafe 1 & 2
VL-MAC/U – Offers both outputs, the XLR is wired to suit MagSafe 1 & 2, and also offers a USB-C (Can only power 1 at a time)


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