V-Lock (V-Mount) Wall-Mounted 8-Channel Charger…VL-8W

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The VL-8W V-Lock Wall Mounted 8-Channel Charger is the perfect solution for charging multiple V-Lock batteries simultaneously at one given time. The ultimate space saver V-Lock  (V-Lok) charging station for rental houses and production mobiles.

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The VL-8W from Hawk-Woods offers the ability to charge multiple (8) V-Lok batteries simultaneously at one given time. Designed as a wall mounted charger up to 8 V-Lok’s (V-Locks) can be mounted and charged at once. LED’s have been fitted to allow the user to check the individual battery status’ which is ideal for rental/hire companies who need to charge through a number of batteries as fast as possible.

•    8-Channel Simultaneous Charger
•    Wall Mount Compatible
•    High performance contacts
•    4A charging current

•    Charging Channels: 8
•    Size (HxWxD-Cm):     59 x 39 x 8 cm
•    Weight:                       6.5 kg
•    Compatible with: All HawkWoods V-Lok Batteries including High Performance and most V-Lock brands. (Please check with us to see if your batteries work on this charger system)


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