V-Lok (V-Lock) 2-ch simultaneous Ultra fast charger – VL-2X2C


V-Lok (V-Lock) 2-Channel simultaneous Ultra fast charger

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This Dual compact V-Lok ( V-Lock) charger is Hawk-Woods take on the VL-2X2 providing users with a more compact, sturdy solution for charging two V-Lok batteries simultaneously.

The new design offers a sleek look with improved latch for adding and removing batteries. LED indicators are also fitted (for instructions see manual supplied) and the fixed handle has been replaced with a soft leather strap.

The VL-2X2C charges at a faster rate compared to the VL-2X2P


  • Compact Dual Charger
  • 4A charge current
  • LED indicators


  • Size (HxWxD-Cm):18 x 14 x 9 cm
  • Weight:  1067g
  • Charging Channels:  2
  • Charging Current:  4A


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