Canon C300 V-Lok Power Distribution Box – regulated


V-Lok power distribution box has been designed for users of Canon C300 cameras. PLEASE NOTE: THIS ADAPTOR IS FOR THE CANON C300 MK1 THIS HAS THE ORIGINAL C300 CONNECTOR NOT THE NEW LEMO 4P.

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This V-Lok power distribution box from Hawk-Woods has been designed for users of Canon C300 cameras. Compatible with our range of V-Lok Lithium-Ion batteries, the Vl-C301 features five 12v regulated Power-Con (d-tap) sockets and one 2.5mm jack.

NOTE: In some circumstances a radio mic and Canon C300 both powered from the same supply can create an earth loop which may generate noise. Disconnecting the earth to pin no.1 on the radio mic’s XLR plug will resolve this issue.





Nominal Battery


5x 12v Regulated Power-Con (d-tap) Sockets – 1x 2.5mm Right-Angled Jack